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Coin Auctions

Since its foundation in 1969, the auction house Tietjen + Co has conducted more than 125 auctions with coins, medals and paper money; since 1976 also regularly with larger series of numismatic literature. The varying offers in the auctions, which take place twice a year, range from ancient times (Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Orientals) to the present day. Starting with Hamburg, Lübeck and Schleswig-Holstein and objects from all over the world, coins and medals from other German states and cities follow - from Anhalt to Württemberg and Aachen to Würzburg. This is followed by German coins after 1871 - i.e. the German Empire - up to the Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR. The conclusion is formed by numismatic literature; occasionally decorative graphics and old maps from the 16th to 19th centuries are offered.

Experience & Expertise

Equipped with one of the best quality specialised libraries in Germany, Tietjen + Co stands for conscientious appraisal and evaluation of objects for sale. The catalog descriptions are regularly supplemented by useful, further literature references. Over the decades, important coin and medal collections, but also banknotes and medals have found numerous happy buyers - and brought good, often unimagined results for the previous owners. The many independent literature cataloguess are impressive proof of the trust placed in Tietjen + Co when selling the books or entire libraries of internationally known collectors.

The Office

The shop is in a good location near the Outer Alster in Hamburg, about 10 minutes from the central train station, in a popular shopping street. Tietjen + Co prepares numismatic reports and expert reports; New customers are happy to receive comprehensive advice and, if desired, are prepared for their personal area of collection.


For the purchase and sale of items that are not suitable for auction, Tietjen+Co has a reliable partner in Harries coins. Located right next to the Tietjen+Co auction house at Hofweg 12, they take care of buying and selling gold, silver, platinum, bars, coins and medals made of precious metals and base materials. Jewellery, scrap gold, dental gold, individual pieces and entire collections are also bought there. And anyone looking for investment gold and investment silver will always find what they are looking for there.